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The founder, Falone had a passion for experimenting with different ingredients and creating homemade skin and hair care products for her home. Falone's original formulations were not only loved by her household but sought after by friends and family - and the seeds of Sophia London were born.  

Our journey began when our founder Falone became a mum to Sophia, the inspiration behind the creation of Sophia London. Unable to create her own products due to the pressures of motherhood, Falone failed to find suitable products offering both quality and price, so she took matters into her own hands, literally. Central to Falone’s research and formulations were innovative plant based blends that actively support and promote healthy hair and skin. Led by recent scientific research as well as botanical traditions, Falone continues to formulate the Sophia London collection with the primary aim of helping hair enthusiasts to fall in love with their hair again. 


Our hair and skincare products are handmade in the UK from the highest-quality natural and plant-based ingredients. Unrefined and Cold-pressed oils are at the centre of our collection, which maintain their nutrient content and absorb easily into the scalp, hair and skin. Our vegan based formulas are lab tested and certified.  


Our haircare collections are suitable for afro and curly textured hair. Our products are formulated to strengthen, moisturise, and restore hair’s natural shine and confidence. 


We use amber glass bottles to help preserve the integrity of the plant oils inside by protecting against UV light radiation. Our clear plastic jars, bottles and aluminium are endlessly recyclable. We don't use outer cartons and the cardboard postal boxes and paper packaging can be recycled along with our eco filler which no single-use cellophane is used. All of our collection is hand-blended, packaged and shipped from England, UK.