Natural Hair 101: Afro Hair Growth Tips After The Big Chop

After you’ve done the big chop, studied your hair pattern, and maybe looked at Pinterest for cute afro hairstyle ideas, it’s natural to want your hair to grow longer and stronger as fast as it possibly can. So how do you encourage natural hair growth? Here are four tips to help your get there.

Use the LOC/LCO Method

One of the best things that you can do for your hair is know how to feed it. If you can choose the correct liquids, oils, and creams to help stimulate growth and strength, then you’re already ahead of the game. So how do you do that? I recommend looking at what your hair needs first. If you have a hard time locking moisture, then I recommend using a plant based hair Butter. If your hair loves moisture, but you deal with frizziness, invest in light oil product such as argan oil. There are so many great products out there to support your hair journey. I encourage you to enjoy the ride.   

Protect Your Hair

Neglecting this one tip can send you back years if you’re not careful. If you don’t properly protect your hair, you’re not only wasting product but your time. It’s important to protect your hair from debris, excessive friction, and harsh weather. A few ways to do this would be to keep your head wrapped while you’re at home, using a satin pillowcase, and using protective styles. Utilising these tips will lock in moisture longer and you won’t have to moisturise your hair as often – this will help you save money and allow you to use that extra time doing what you love.

Keep your hair moisturised regularly

You won’t expect a plant to grow if you never watered it, so you shouldn’t expect your hair to grow if you never moisturise it. Using the proper moisturising methods on days other than wash days vital to your hair care routine. I always recommend that afro hair naturals invest in a small spray bottle and sealing oils, similar to our Hydrating Spray. Fill your spray bottle with a mixture of moisturising oils and water that works for you. Then, lightly apply a sealing oil or serum to your hair. This will encourage locking in moisture and keeping your hair looking fresher longer.

Know when you need a trim

Trimming is one of the most important steps in a naturals hair journey, but most don’t do it. I try to mention trimming your hair often because it’s so beneficial. Getting rid of dead ends will make your hair look and feel healthier. In addition, it saves you time and effort to not use product on hair that can’t use it. I highly recommend investing in salon scissors and checking your hair once a month to see if it needs a trim. You only need to trim your hair if you have ends that are knotted and mangled. If your ends look great that month, then you don’t have to trim them. It’s as simple as that.


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