Afro Hair Breakage: Common Causes and How to Fix Them

Breakage and damage can be devastating at any stage of your hair care regime. Not only because it keeps you from the growth you desire, but it’s also hard to pinpoint. How can you recognise and stop damage in its tracks? Here are five common reasons why you might be experiencing breakage. 

  1. Lack of Moisture

Lack of moisture has to be the biggest reason that most naturals are suffering from breakage and damage. If your hair isn’t getting the nutrition that it needs, then it simply cannot grow. Not only will your hair struggle to grow, but it may not even have the strength to withstand friction. A few signs that your hair lacks moisture are in the quality of your hair. Does it feel brittle? Is your curl pattern lacking? Is your hair often flaking and itchy? Then that’s a sign that you should look into investing in hair masks, a great conditioner, and moisturising your hair more frequently. 

  1. Too Much Manipulation

Now if your hair is healthy and shiny but you still find that you suffer from damage and breakage, then it may not be a symptom of how you’re feeding your hair but how you’re treating it. If you tend to wear slick back styles, tight braids, and straighten your hair daily, then it might be a sign that you’re manipulating your hair too much. Despite how beautiful those styles are, the chances that you’ll harm your hair from changing how it looks every day is not good for you. We recommend gently mixing up your styles every now and then. If you like those slick back puffs, try wearing a twist out every now and then. If you enjoy braiding your hair, try a gentle protective style once in a while. The variety, done gently, will do wonders for your hair. 

  1. Too Much Friction

Friction is a problem that usually sneaks up on naturals. If you’re used to sleeping on regular pillowcases, frequently combing your hair, wearing hats, and other accessories, then it might be time to change some habits. Investing in a silk pillowcase, frictionless hair ties, and bonnet will significantly reduce the friction that you experience.

I would also advise you to start using a wide-tooth comb or even finger detangling for a while to learn how your hair needs to be treated. Always detangle your hair from ends to roots to keep breakage low and to save as many hair strands as possible.

  1. Clogged Pores

Clogged pores are another common reason for hair damage. If your pores are clogged from product build-up or poor scalp cleansing, then getting the moisture that you need will become virtually impossible. That’s why it’s important to get shampoos and conditioners that will promote proper cleansing as well as moisturisation. We recommend using a liquid African Black Soap for a while, reason being, African Black Soap is well known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

  1. Dead Hair

Finally, make sure that you are getting rid of dead hair. Getting rid of dead hair doesn’t just mean trimming. It also includes properly detangling, combing, and washing your hair to decrease breakage and friction. Using wide-tooth combs, clips to section your hair, detangling brushes in the shower can help you substantially decrease the amount of dead hair hidden within your hair. 

Feeling inspired? Try our Treatment Collection designed to repair and revive damaged hair. 

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