5 Tips for Daily Curly Hair Care

Caring for your hair every day is as much a part of our lives as using our phones. We wouldn’t dare leave the house without checking it and if something goes wrong it can ruin our whole day. So here are a few quick tips to boost the quality of your daily hair care regimen.

Check the back of the bottles

I’m sure that every natural hair person gets excited when a new product from their favourite brand comes out. It’s almost the same feeling you get when your favourite artist releases a new single. But even if you’ve trusted that brand for years, it’s important to check the back of the bottle. Blind faith may seem like a good thing at the time, but companies change recipes all of the time. Whether you’re purchasing a new product or picking up an old favourite, make sure that you check the back of the bottle.

Be gentle

Though this may seem like an obvious tip, it’s an easy one to forget. When we’re in a rush, tired, or simply just not thinking we can be very rough with our hair. That’s why it’s so important to make a conscious effort to be careful as we style, wash, and detangle our hair. One of the most common ways that naturals are rough with their hair is while they’re styling it. It’s so tempting to make your braids or ponytail tight to make your style look clean and effortless. But over time, there is a high chance that you can cause long-term damage to your scalp. To prevent this, I always gently braid my hair and then wrap it with a silk scarf. After five minutes, I have laid edges and seemingly tight braids.

Spray bottles are your best friend

I have to say that I love my spray bottle. I started using one a year into my hair care process and it’s a lot easier than splashing water on your head (I was a pretty silly kid). Ever since then I’ve experimented with different essential and moisturising oils to help keep low porosity hair moisturised. Spray bottles are great for lightly wetting your hair for detangling or even styling. One of the most common ways that I use my spray bottle is to moisturise my hair when I wear a loose style. If you live in an area that is relatively dry and you need something to keep your hair moist, then I highly recommend investing in a good spray bottle.

Give yourself scalp massages

Scalp massages are some of the most relaxing massages you can experience. There’s something to be said for getting your head rubbed, especially after a long day. The relaxing effects of the scalp massage can stimulate hair growth and reduce stress. I encourage you to try massaging in your favourite sealing oil for up to three minutes on wash days.

Love your hair

Loving your hair is a very important tip for your hair care regimen. Many of us haven’t reached our hair care goal and we need to remember that it’s okay. As long as you’re caring for it daily and being conscious of your choices, we need to understand that it may just take a while. Whether your hair barely reaches past your ears or it isn’t as thick as you’d like it to be, we need to be content with where we are in this moment. Make sure that you remember why you went natural, all the wonderful benefits of being natural, and remember to have fun!

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