4 Reasons Why Protective Hairstyles Are Important For Afro & Curly Hair

In recent years, protective styles have become a go-to style and fashionable. Part of the reason would be due to the pandemic lockdowns that kept most of us from going outside, but another part is because the busy lives most of us live. Whether it’s seeing loved ones, working out, or working on a new project, we find that people are almost too busy to try elaborate styles. Though this style is convenient, there are other benefits to using protective styles. 

  1. Locks in moisture

One of the benefits of protective styles is that they keep your hair moisturised longer than normal. If you struggle with dry scalp and dandruff, then we highly recommend adding a few protective styles to your repertoire. 

We recommend setting up protective styles on wash days. After thoroughly washed, detangled, and moisturised hair, go ahead and put it up into a crown braid, twists, or plats for a few days. On those days, do wear a bonnet or headscarf too to provide that extra protection. Once you take your hair out to wear in either an afro or twist out, you’ll find it as moisturised and healthy-looking as on my wash day. Therefore, we highly encourage you to look into a few styles that you enjoy and can do quickly.

  1. Reduces the chances of tangles

Tangles are one of the hardest things to address as a natural. Despite how much you can love your kinks and coils, you can get frustrated at times by how much combing you’ll need to do. Though combing your hair is an essential part of the hair care process, doing it too much can cause more harm than good. That’s why protective styles are so effective. Using a protective style stretches your hair enough that it won’t tangle or shrink.

  1. Keeps your ends healthy 

As a natural, you may struggle with maintaining healthy ends more than any other part of your hair. It’s especially troubling because the ends are the oldest and most vulnerable part of your hair. The ends of your hair, are also the parts that make or break your hairstyle. If your hair can’t curl because your ends look bad, then you’ll just end up looking like a poodle – a cute poodle, of course.

That’s why protective styles are great. They give your hair the boost that it needs by tucking your hair away and keeping it from the elements. Twists, pin styles, and synthetic braids are great styles to encourage growth and keep your ends healthy. Though trimming your hair is inevitable, it’s always best to make trimming as infrequent as possible. 

  1. Prepares Your Hair for Open Styles

One of the things you’ll I love about protective style is undoing them. After you’ve spent three days with twisted plats, you’ll love twisting out your hair to unveil what you’ve been hiding all this time. Certain styles can make your twists and coils really pop and look healthy. It’s also a quick way to change styles without adding more moisture and keeping manipulation low. So after you’ve enjoyed your slicked-back bun, tease out your afro and enjoy your day. 

Feeling inspired, why not try our Protective Hair Collection packed with light oils to keep your scalp moisturised, hydrated and feeling fresh. 

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